CV 7 Acupuncture Point

Conception Vessel 7, also known as Ren 7, Abbreviated as CV 7, Transliterated Yinjiao in Chinese, Yin Intersection in English.

CV 7 Acupuncture Point Location:

On the anterior median line of the lower abdomen, 1.0 cun below the umbilicus.

CV 7 Acupuncture Point Indications:

  • Dysuria, edema
  • Hernia, abdominal pain
  • Irregular menstruation, morbid leukorrhea, metrorrhagia, pruritus vulva, postpartum hemorrhage

CV 7 Acupuncture Point Benefits:

Regulates the Lower Jiao and menstruation.


Crossing point of the Ren and Chong Vessels