GV 1 Acupuncture Point

Governing Vessel 1, Abbreviated as GV 1, also known as DU 1, Transliterated Changqiang in Chinese, Long and Rigid in English.

GV 1 Acupuncture Point Location:

Below the tip of the coccyx, at the midpoint between the tip of the coccyx and the anus.

GV 1 Acupuncture Point Indications:

  • Diarrhea, blood in the stools, constipation, hemorrhoids, prolapse of the rectum
  • Manic psychosis, epilepsy

GV 1 Acupuncture Point Benefits:

Regulates the Du and Ren Vessels, treats hemorrhoids, activates the meridian, benefits the coccyx, alleviates pain. 


Luo-Connecting point of the Du Vessel
Crossing point of the Du Vessel and the Kidney and Spleen Meridians


Luo-Connecting points of one meridian can communicate with two meridians. They treat diseases of the collaterals and can be used to treat chronic diseases, especially chronic diseases of the Zang-Fu organs. Clinically, Luo-Connecting points are often combined with Yuan-Source points in the treatment of diseases.