Li 2 Acupuncture Point

Large intestine 2, Abbreviated as Li 2, Transliterated Erjian in Chinese, Second Point in English.

Li 2 Acupuncture Point Location:

When a loose fist is made, this point is on the radial side of the index finger, in the depression distal to the metacarpo-phalangeal joint.

Li 2 Acupuncture Point Indications:

  • Toothache, sore throat
  • Redness and pain of the eye
  • Pain and swelling of the joints in the index finger

Li 2 Acupuncture Point Benefits:

Clears Heat, reduces swelling and relieves pain.


Ying-Spring point of the Large Intestine Meridian


Ying-Spring points are where the qi dribbles down the meridian. Ying-Spring points are indicated for heat in the body and changes in the complexion. Ying-Spring points are known to clear heat from the meridian.