LU 10 Acupuncture Point

Lung 10, Abbreviated as LU 10, Transliterated Yuji in Chinese, and Fish Border in English.

LU 10 Acupuncture Point Location: 

In the depression behind the thenar eminence of the thumb, about the midpoint of the palmar side of the thumb, on the junction of the red and white skin.

LU 10 Acupuncture Point Indications:

  • Asthma
  • Sore throat, fever, hoarseness
  • Cough, hemoptysis (coughing blood)

LU 10 Acupuncture Point Benefits: 

Clears Lung Heat, benefits the throat.


Ying-Spring point of the Lung Meridian


Ying-Spring points are where the qi dribbles down the meridian. Ying-Spring points are indicated for heat in the body and changes in the complexion. Ying-Spring points are known to clear heat from the meridian.