LU 7 Acupuncture Point

Lung 7, Abbreviated as LU 7, Transliterated Lieque in Chinese, Interrupted Sequence in English.

LU 7 Acupuncture Point Location:

On the radial margin of the forearm, superior to the styloid process of the radius, 1.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.

LU 7 Acupuncture Point Indications:

  • Head and neck problems: migraines (central and one-sided), headaches caused by exogenic pathogens, neck rigidity, facial paralysis, toothache, sore throat, cough, asthma, nasal problems.
  • Urogenital system problems: pain in the penis, hematuria, spermatorrhea.
  • Abdominal distention
  • Weakness of the thumb and index finger.
  • Master point – pair with KID 6: genitourinary and gynecological problems

LU 7 Acupuncture Point Benefits:

Releases the exterior, expels exterior Wind, helps descend Lung Qi, benefits the head and neck area, benefits the bladder.


Luo-Connecting point of the Lung Meridian.
Master Point of Ren Meridian (couple with KID 6).
Command point of head and neck.


LU7 is a main point for releasing the exterior of Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat. The respective Yin and Yang meridians are internally-externally related by Luo-Connecting points. Luo-Connecting points of one meridian can communicate with two meridians. They treat diseases of the collaterals and can be used to treat chronic diseases, especially chronic diseases of the Zang-Fu organs. Clinically, Luo-Connecting points are often combined with Yuan-Source points in the treatment of diseases.