Treatment Time and Course of Moxibustion

Amount of Moxa

The amount of moxa used in the treatment is related to the dosage of warmth needed in the treatment. Different amounts of moxa will have different efficacy. The amount of moxibustion used in the moxa cone is calculated according to the size and the number of cones. The small size of the cone and the fewer cones account for the smaller amount and vice versa. The amount of moxibustion used in a moxa stick or with a burner is measured by the time of the treatment. The longer the treatment is, the more moxibustions are needed. The amount of pressing moxibustion is measured by the frequency of pressing. The more frequent the pressing is, the more amount of moxibustion is considered.

Common Sizes of Moxa Cones

The temperature will differ depending on the size of moxa cones. Generally, an extremely small cone is as thin as a thread. A small cone is about 2 ~ 5mm in diameter and 4 ~ 8mm in height. A medium cone is about 6 ~ 10mm in diameter and 9 ~ 13mm in height. A large cone is about 11 ~ 15mm in diameter and 14 ~ 25mm in height.

The Amount of Moxa Used for Various Treated Areas, Diseases and Patient’s Constitution

Generally speaking, the amount of moxa will vary according to the different treated areas, diseases and patient’s constitution.

For example, a small amount of moxa is suggested on areas such as the head, face, chest and the end of the extremities since the skin is thin and there are more bones and fewer muscles. On the other hand, a large amount of moxa is suggested on the waist, abdomen, shoulders, and thighs, where both the skin and muscles are thick.

The disease situation also has to do with the amount of moxa used in the treatment. For example, a large amount of moxa is effective on obstinately cold diseases and yang qi depletion. On the other hand, a small amount of moxa is used for cold diseases, carbuncle, gangrene, numbness and pain.

The patient’s constitution is another consideration. The stronger patient sustains more amount of moxa during the treatment. For weak, senior, or very young patients, a smaller amount is used in treatment.

Time and Course of Moxibustion

The time used in moxibustion treatment depends on the disease and patients, may vary from 10 to 40 minutes per treatment and 5 to 15 treatments constitute a course of treatment. In direct moxibustion, an interval of 1 ~ 10 days between two treatments is considered depending on the diseases and patients.