SP 9 Acupuncture Point

Spleen 9, Abbreviated as SP 9, Transliterated Yinlingquan in Chinese, Yin Mound Spring in English.

SP 9 Acupuncture Point Location:

On the medial aspect of the lower leg, in the depression of the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia.

SP 9 Acupuncture Point Indications:

  • Dysuria, incontinence of urine, edema
  • Abdominal distention, diarrhea, jaundice
  • Pain in the medial aspect of the knee
  • Pain in the penis, dysmenorrhea, pain in the vulva

SP 9 Acupuncture Point Benefits:

Resolves Dampness (especially of the Lower Jiao), regulates the Spleen, frees the water passages and urination.


He-Sea point of the Spleen Meridian


SP 9 is the point for resolving dampness (Cold-Damp of Damp-Heat) in the lower jiao.

He-Sea points are where the qi of the meridian collects and goes deep into the body. He-sea points are known to indicated treat rebellious qi and diarrhea.